I see me in all human

More I mix with people, get to know them more I see that it is like me. Like opening a computer and see that inside all of them are same. The same desire, same thrust, same feeling. It just like a photocopy of me.

Some life are printed and displayed in a color monitor and some are on Black and white. Trust me the true color of all of them are same. The same bricks and Iron, same mud and water, same forest and trees. All are the same.

If you enter inside you will see a human live there. May not be a tidy place like yours but it is still a home for human.


Law of simplicity

Everything has a very simple thing, logic behind it. Some example will make it clear.

Engine: based on piston moves due to pressure

Rocket: Based on opposite pressure of exhaust.

We can see a thing and be afraid and say oh! it is too complex! But only if we learn the simple logic behind it everything become much more clear.

More learned you are, more you know this simple things. In facts we all are after this simple thing. We want a magic formula to pass the exam, get rich, be successful.

The problem is if it is so simple to create then people will copy from you rather than buying from you.

tomcat7 eclipse ubuntu 12.04

  1. Download Eclipse;
  2. use the Eclipse Update Manager to install all packages from the category Web, XML, Java EE Development and OSGi Enterprise Development, except “PHP Development” and the “RAP” Tooling;
  3. while you wait for the installation of the packages you can install tomcat7by running from terminal:
    sudo apt-get install tomcat7 tomcat7-docs tomcat7-examples tomcat7-admin -y
  4. configure WTP to use Tomcat:
    1. select Windows -> Preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments;
    2. press Add…;
    3. select “Apache Tomcat v7.0″;
    4. enter “/usr/share/tomcat7″ into the “Tomcat installation directory” field;
    5. press Ok;
  5. create a new “Dynamic Web Project”
    • as Target Runtime select “Apache Tomcat v7.0″;
    • press twice Next;
    • select the “Generate the web.xml deployment descriptor” option at the final dialog;
    • press Finish;
  6. close Eclipse;
  7. to fix the error “Cannot create a server using the selected type” run the following:
    cd ~/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings/
    rm org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.core.prefs
    rm org.eclipse.wst.server.core.prefs
  8. to fix the error “Could not load the Tomcat server configuration at /usr/share/tomcat7/conf. The configuration may be corrupt or incomplete. /usr/share/tomcat7/conf/catalina.policy (No such file or directory)” run the following commands:
    cd /usr/share/tomcat7
    sudo ln -s /var/lib/tomcat7/conf conf
    sudo ln -s /etc/tomcat7/policy.d/03catalina.policy conf/catalina.policy
    sudo ln -s /var/log/tomcat7 log
    sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/share/tomcat7/conf
  9. log out and log back in;
  10. open Eclipse;
  11. open the server view:
    • go to Window->Show View->Other…;
    • choose the Servers under the Server category;
  12. click on “new server wizard”;
    • choose Apache / Tomcat v7.0 Server and press Next;
    • enter “/usr/share/tomcat7″ into the “Tomcat installation directory” field;
    • press Next;
    • select your project on the left pane under “Available” and press Add> to move it to the right pane under “Configured”;
    • press Finish”;
  13. to be able to start the Tomcat server from Eclipse you need first to stop the one running in background:
    sudo service tomcat7 stop

    and to disable Tomcat to automatically start at boot run:

    sudo update-rc.d tomcat7 disable
  14. download the zip of Jersey;
  15. put the the jersey jars into the folder “WEB-INF/lib” and add them to the project build path;
  16. create your first RESTful Webservice by following this tutorial by Lars Vogel.

Your web services will be automatically deployed in the following folder:


Your web service will be accessible through the following URI:



  1. x = the root of your service set inside the tag url-pattern in web.xml;
  2. y = the path set for your class
  3. z = the path set for your method



Timblee Social Business Platform

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